Cooktop Cover

We found that by adding the cooktop cover we instantly increased our workspace by around 1/3 and the difference was quite amazing. Having it made from the exact same material as your original worktop makes this accessory an absolute must-have item!

RV Cooktop cover

If you own an Entegra Aspire, Anthem, or Cornerstone 2015, 2016, 2017 and possibly a 2018, you will be only too aware how frustrating it is not having a cooktop cover. The glass cooktop in your RV is very fragile and susceptible to damage plus when not being used is a complete waste of valuable worktop space. Entegra did introduce a cheap wooden cutting board that vaguely fits over the cooktop but it does not look very good and will start to delaminate as soon as it gets too wet.

So we decided to contact several manufacturers and ask if they would be happy to make a bespoke cooktop cover for us and for other Entegra and RV owners. We have had the first one made for our Entegra Anthem RV and as you can see from the photos it’s a great success and has increased our work surface by at least a third. Click here to order


If you would like to order this great cooktop cover for your RV, depending on finish and material required the cost will be around $220. We will need the precise measurements of your cooktop, together with the exact color reference of your worktop (you will have to get this information from your RV manufacturer). Prices are based on Corian but we can also get granite covers made at additional cost (please e-mail for quotation using the ASK A PRE SALES QUESTION form )

RV aftermarket cooktop


It will take around 2 weeks to produce after which time we will ship the item to an address of your choosing in the USA.  ASK A PRE SALES QUESTION