Questions asked about the RV-mods DI water system

Below are some of the questions asked about the RV-mods DI water system, so we decided to post these for everyone to share.

Q:   I see you make a CR20 conversion kit, will this get rid of the cartridges ?

A:  Yes, the conversion kits for the DIC 10, DIC 20 and the DW20 will eliminate the need to use the cartridge system.


Q:  Can I use the same resin for a water softener?

A: Di resin is made specially for producing DI water and should not be used for any other application.

2,000 gallons of Di Water

Q: Do you make a water softener for RV’s

A: Yes we do. Check out our water softener pages

Q: Can I use your resin in other makes of Di machines?

A:  Yes absolutely, our resin is suitable for all DI machines. (Please note that we only use 100% pure virgin resin, not recycled)


Q: Can a TDS meter be installed on one of your units?

A: It’s not something we do as the small handheld TDS meter we supply is so easy and effortless to use.

Q: Your site doesn’t show the cost of shipping?

A: Shipping is free of charge for all Di products shipped within North American

Q: Where is your product made and where is it shipped from?

A: Our products are produced and constructed in North America and are shipped from our facility in Kingsport TN

Q: How heavy is unit after being (with the water inside) . Approx. Weights:

The Pro 100 weighs 30 lbs. dry weight and the resin weighs 45 lbs so the unit dry will be 75 lbs. plus the water.

The Pro 50 weighs 12 lbs dry weight and the resin weighs 23 lbs so the unit dry will be 36 lbs. plus the water.

Q:  Where do I re order the resin from?

A: You can order from us at  ( and we deliver free of charge to anywhere in the US

Q: What advantage is having the pro 100 over pro 50 other than not refilling as soon?

A: Size really the Pro 100 holds 1 Cu Ft resin (so that 1 complete bag) and can cope with 10 GPM and the Pro 50 is half that, so 1/2 cu ft of resin and a flow rate of 5 GPM.

Q: If purchased from you is it tax exempt?  Yes Tax Exempt

A: Yes our products are Tax Exempt

Q: Do you accept all credit cards?

A: We accept all cards apart from Amex, you can also pay by Paypal (please note that we have had some experiences of pre-pay cards not working)

Q: What if my Credit card doesn’t work or is declined?

A: This happens some times and if this happens to you don’t worry just send us a mail and we’ll send you a manual invoice to pay which 99.9% of the time will be approved with your credit card.

Q: Does the water remain in the tank after use?  Just concerned about water leaking out if the product is stored in the horizontal position.

A: Yes after use simply tune the bypass valves to the bypass position and this will prevent any water for coming out. The unit will not leak at all. 100% watertight

Q: Can you drink the water produced?

A: NO absolutely not , Di water is not fit for human consumption

Q: Can this be bought in Europe or can it be shipped to the UK?

A: Yes we can now supply a similar system in Europe from our UK website.

Q: What is the difference between the Pro 50, Pro50 plus and the  Pro 100?

A: When you order a Pro 50, Pro 50 Plus or a Pro 100 you will be sent a resin tank a by pass valve head unit and a TDS meter. The real difference is how much resin is supplied with each of the systems.

Di water system

The Pro50 is supplied pre filled with 1/2 Cu Ft of resin.

The Pro50 Plus is supplied pre filled with 1/2 Cu Ft of resin plus 1/2 cu ft of extra resin.

The Pro100 is supplied pre filled with 1 Cu Ft of resin.